Scrap my car in Sweden

Scrapping a car in Sweden in a correct and responsible manner is a process that requires some preparation and understanding of laws and regulations. Below is a guide divided into six parts describing how to proceed:

  1. Decision and preparation before scrapping your car, it’s important to make the decision based on the condition of the car, the cost of repairs compared to the car’s value, and whether the car is no longer safe to drive. Prepare by gathering necessary documents such as the registration certificate and identifying an authorized car scrapyard.
  2. Choosing an authorized car scrapyard in Sweden, it’s crucial to choose an authorized car scrapyard to ensure that your car is handled in an environmentally friendly and legal manner. Authorized scrapyards follow strict rules for recycling and waste management. You can find authorized scrapyards via the Swedish Transport Agency’s website or other reliable sources.
  3. Find out what’s offered contact the chosen car scrapyard and inform yourself about their process, what services they offer, and any possible compensation for your car. Some scrapyards offer pickup services if you cannot or do not want to drive the car there yourself. It’s also a good idea to ask if they handle all necessary documentation, such as deregistration from the Swedish Transport Agency.
  4. Transport to the scrapyard if your car is drivable, you can drive it to the car scrapyard Gothenburg yourself. If not, you can use the scrapyard’s pickup service or hire a towing service. The cost for pickup can vary, so it’s a good idea to compare options. Remember that the car should be free from trash and personal belongings before it’s left.
  5. Deregistration and documentation once the car arrives at the scrapyard, the scrap company will take care of all necessary documentation, including deregistration of the car from the road traffic registry. You should receive a receipt of acceptance and later a scrapping certificate as proof that the car has been scrapped. Save these documents as part of your own records.
  6. Environmentally friendly recycling the authorized car scrapyard will handle your car in a way that minimizes its environmental impact. Hazardous fluids and materials are safely managed, and reusable parts and materials are sorted for recycling. This process contributes to the sustainable management of decommissioned vehicles and supports a circular economy.

By following these steps, you ensure that your car is scrapped in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner in Sweden, while adhering to applicable laws and regulations.

Sälja skrotbil - Vi köper & hämtar gratis

Selling scrap car – We buy & collect for free

Sell your scrap car to Bilbärgning Gbg AB – We buy and collect the car free of charge. It’s a good deal for both you and us, and together we save the Earth’s resources and contribute to a better world. We collaborate with an authorized car scrapyard and have a permit ourselves for the towing of decommissioned vehicles from the County Administrative Board. Ensure to scrap your car in Gothenburg in a secure and profitable manner.

Organisera din skrotbil för återvinning

Organize your scrap car for recycling

Organizing your scrap car for recycling is an important and responsible process that promotes environmentally friendly handling of vehicle scrap. By following carefully planned steps, you can ensure that your scrap car is dismantled and recycled in an efficient and eco-friendly manner.